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About US

We, being migrants ourselves understand how challenging it is to come and settle down in a new country. Kiwizing has been established with the aim to help newcomers arriving in New Zealand.

Our Kiwizing services begin with extending you a warm welcome at the airport to finding suitable accommodation for you, acquiring a mobile SIM card and an AT hop travel card. We even help you open a bank account, assist in procuring groceries and many other essential things.

We take care of all your initial hassles which you may encounter on arrival. It truly provides a stress free start to the new-comer.

Our goal is to give you a comfortable kick start to your amazing journey in this beautiful country.

With Kiwizing, all you have to do is pack your dreams and a bag. Welcome Aboard!

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With us, You’ve got a Red Carpet welcome to New Zealand

How It Works

1Find a suitable package which fits all your requirements.

2Select the package and fill out the form.

3Buy online securely through PayPal.

4You’re all set. See you at Auckland Airport!


incl GST
Driving Licence Assistance
Duvet with Cover
Pillow with Cover
Electric Blanket/Heater/Fan
incl GST

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I book the package?
There are two ways to book your package. Either you can buy online securely using Visa or Mastercard (on PayPal) or you need to contact our agent in your local area*.We will send you the receipt to confirm the order.
*Please note currently we only have agents in limited areas of India.


How much in advance do I have to book the package?
Well, the sooner the better. As you know, shopping and finding a good place can never be easy and we want to give you the best experience. Thus, we need time to find the perfect paradise for you in Auckland!
We encourage you to buy the right package at least 1 MONTH before your arrival.
Please note that we can offer only Starter & Economy package if you come to us 5-10 days before your arrival.
For the late comers (less than 5 days before your arrival), SORRY, we are not available! 🙁


How will you know my accomodation/food prefrences?
When you buy the package, we will ask you to fill out a form. You will be filling essential details about yourself in the form which will help us knowing you better.


What If I don’t like the accommodation you have found for us?
With our experience, we will match your requirements with suitable accommodation. We are confident you would like it, still, if you have major concerns, we will help you find another accommodation. Please bear in mind, in New Zealand you have to give sufficient notice to the landlord before you leave the house.


How will I recognize you at the airport?
Our representative will contact you prior on Skype introducing himself and giving you all details. When you arrive at Auckland airport, our representative will be holding your name and photo on a placard. You can’t miss us!


How much grocery will you provide?
We will give you essential groceries like milk, bread, tea/coffee, noodles, eggs etc which should easily last for a week.


How can I cancel my booking in case I change my mind?
Well, as far as we know, our exciting packages and service will never let you go!
However, if you choose to cancel your booking then you need to inform us at least 15 days before your arrival.
Please note there will be NZD $20 of administration charge involved in it.
And if you are cancelling within 15 days of your arrival, there won’t be any refund.


What kind of mobile SIM will I get?
We know the importance of your internet connectivity and calling.
Kiwizing will provide you 2degree service provider SIM with $19 carry over a plan which will give you unlimited texts to any NZ & Aussie number, 100 mins of NZ & Aussie talk time and 500 MB of mobile data as soon as you arrive in New Zealand.
There is no contract with the service provider, so if you want to switch to another, you can do it without any extra cost.


How will you assist in an opening bank account and getting an IRD number?
Imagine your first week in this scenic country and you are visiting bank/government office. Dull, eh?
Don’t be sad! We will make these boring yet important preliminary tasks exciting and easy for you. Our representative will come along and get everything sorted for you.

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